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YouTube Music Live in Canada


May marked the date when the Alphabet Company announced it’d releases a Transfer Tool for Google Play Music, to YouTube Music. This corporation maintains the Google brand & informed their clientele in 2018 that their older Music Streaming Platform would be phased out by 2020. It appears that the timeline is still in motion, with Google Play Music slated to be terminated by 2021. Those wanting not to lose their full libraries are recommended to engage with this transfer tool before January 2021. It should be mentioned that the Google Transfer Tool supports additional Music Streaming Platforms. That includes Spotify & Apple Music.

Google initially released the Transfer Tool to American & European consumers, leaving dozens of nations worldwide without access to this feature. Google has begun releasing the Transfer Tool to international consumers, with Canada being the 1st nation after America and Europe to obtain the GTT.

The History of Googles Music Streaming Services

Google Play Music has a formidable history amongst consumers, with nearly all Android users having once purchased a song through the digital cloud platform. The popularity behind this service began lowering by 2015, with streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify dominating this space. After considerable financial losses with this category of the Google Play Store, the Alphabet Company determined that they’d revitalize this service through the YouTube branding.

Significant features combined into one platform with Google Play Music was lost when switching over to YouTube. The Alphabet Company separated its library of songs from a magnitude of different podcasts. Google Podcasts is downloadable but lacklustre in comparison to other applications like Spotify, which continue to integrate both forms of audio entertainment into one platform.

There are benefits to selecting YouTube Music, with the primary benefactors being Offline Viewing, Lack of Advertisements, & Closure of the Application. These features aren’t permissible in the standard version of YouTube. It’s not directed towards high profile musicians either, with less popular individuals also supported on this platform. Apple Music & Spotify don’t engage with smaller musicians without a notable following. YouTube Music is similarly formatted to its competition, implementing a monthly subscription at $9.99. Consumers can download the YouTube Music Application on their iPhone or Android device today.