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Worldwide Developers Conference Goes Digital


The Apple Corporation announced that the Worldwide Developers Conference had been cancelled as a live event. It’s being changed over to a digital-based event, with this decision being prompted after careful evaluation of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not surprising that Apple didn’t cancel this event entirely, with the June-established conference being the annual release of new products or software from the tech conglomerate.

Individuals that purchased the substantially expensive tickets for WDC will be reimbursed their funds in the coming days, with these tickets costing the minimum of $1,600.00. Those wondering if the Apple Corporation will stick with the previous format will be happy to know that new strategies are being created. Details on the digital events new form will be provided by March 31st, with an online keynote and questionnaire session still being promised to viewers. It’s suspected that limitations will be implemented on the available questions for guests to request.

Accounting for the cancellation of this live venue, the Apple Corporation is providing the San Jose Institution with $1 million in financial aid. These funds will be used to offset the substantial revenue loss for the San Jose Apple Institution, which has held WDC for 20+ years. It should be mentioned that Tim Cooks keynote speech has been streamed yearly for multiple years, allowing Apple to reach a broader audience globally.

There was substantial speculation regarding the fate of WDC 2020, with most technology analysts predicting that the event would be terminated entirely. Nobody anticipated that the Apple Corporation would renovate their approach towards this conference, indicating that supporting their extensive customer-base is a critical task. It’s one step forward that Apple has made in comparison to multiple other tech companies like Samsung or Huawei. Technology venues from these corporations seen an annual 23 million in attendance from supports across the globe, with Apple holding 6.3% of this market share.

The Suspected Announcements

Speculation from online outlets expressed that the Worldwide Developers Conference would see the release of five new iPhones and two new iPads. This would’ve extended to slightly updated versions of the Mac Pro and XDR Monitor. Rumours also indicated that new variations of the macOS and iOS would be announced at WDC 2020, with those potential announcements being most over to a streaming platform with the COVID-19 Pandemic.