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Wi-Fi Six Unveiled at CES 2020


The Consumer’s Electronic Show displayed some of the best products coming to consumers in 2020. Throughout the last decade, home living has changed drastically and resulted in numerous devices being around our daily lives. This often prompts confusion over what product operates which service. However, this is all slated to change after the confirmation that Wi-Fi Six has become accessible to average consumers. This iteration of the wireless networks will allow for faster loading times with lower bandwidths, something that’s been required for a prolonged period.

Delivery of data throughout households will become more efficient, with speeds being considerably faster. Wi-Fi Five maintains wireless speeds upwards for one gigabyte, with that potentially jumping to five gigabytes per second for standard households. The problem with this technology is that it requires internet providers to re-vitalize their networks, which costs billions of dollars. Subsequently, the chances for average consumers to maintain Wi-Fi Six in 2020 is limited for select areas. Metropolises like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston manage infrastructures that can handle these internet speeds. However, when it applies to rural neighbourhoods outside large cities, these services won’t be available.

The main point to manufacturers releasing wireless router models at CES 2020 was to indicate the lowered prices. Throughout 2018, purchasing a Wi-Fi 6 Router would cost upwards of $1,000.00. Sales were lower than 10% worldwide, with most cities not having the infrastructure capacity. Most internet suppliers are unable to provide services. However, throughout the previous twelve months, routers with Wi-Fi 6 reached widespread adoption. Models now cost anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00, depending on the services and requirements needed out of your router.

The Nighthawk Mesh

The most notable router that was displayed at CES 2020 comes from Netgear. They introduced the Nighthawk Mesh, which is the first router from a trusted source that provides the Wi-Fi Six. Netgear confirmed that speeds could reach upwards of four gigabytes in most homes in the United States, permitting that networks under AT&T and Sprint adopt this technology. Those wanting to purchase the router will require $230.00 in America.

It should be noted that the Mesh-Network system for Wi-Fi Six allows for multiple internet sources to be accessed simultaneously. It’s estimated that fifteen individuals could be on standard service packages simultaneously and have 50mbs speeds. Considering that individuals in specific locations maintain maximum rates of 5mbs, this shows the leaps forward that Wi-Fi Six has over previous versions of the technology.