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Wahtye’s Tomb Discovered


An Egyptian found ancient hieroglyphs and statues, these included discovering of the tomb around 4,400-years-old and in almost perfect condition. It is the tomb of Wahtye who a high-ranking figure in religion or royal priest called the divine inspector.

Wahtye had to be a highly respected figure and a person of great importance since he was buried towards the southwest outskirts of what place known now as Cairo. When he was buried his tomb was filled with elaborate stone carving in a variety of colors which gives a sense of the practices of life and also death, his burial took place more than 4,400 years ago in ancient Egypt.  Wahtye’s tomb was unveiled by the antiquity’s authorities of Egypt over the weekend at a press conference in the south-west of Cairo in Saqqara.

Wahtye’s Tomb Unveiled and Plans Announced of Digging Deeper

At the same conference where the tomb of Wahtye was unveiled, the Egyptian antiquities authority announced that they have plans to dig deeper as they believe the well-preserved complex could hide many other treasures. The tomb was discovered after the excavation work was started months ago in April this year. 

What is even more exciting about the discovery is that the surprisingly well-preserved tomb of Wahtye also provides insight into the life and reign of King Neferirkare Kakai, which goes back to the 24th century BC and the reign of the Fifth Dynasty Egyptian King, a time that relates to order and prosperity.

Five Shafts Leads from The Tomb Now to be Inspected by Archaeologists

After discovering the tomb of Wahtye, archaeologists also found five shafts that lead from the tomb and this is what will be inspected next. Archaeologists believe that one of the shafts could lead to the sarcophagus of Wahtye, not yet discovered. Scenes displaying the wife of Wahtye, Weret Ptah and Wahtye himself plus other relatives and his mother was found on the chamber wall.

Other founds at the 4,400-year-old site also include depictions of wine, pottery and furniture productions, musical performances, religious rituals, men hunting animals and naval vessels according to the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt.

Statues Found at Site

Kaled al-Anani, the Antiquities Minister also announced the found in Saqqara, home of the world-renowned Step Pyramid. He revealed that the tomb contains statues of different colours and sizes. The discovery was described by the secretary general, Mostafa Waziri, of the supreme council of antiquities in Egypt as the discovery of the century. The tomb is three metres wide, 10 meters long and about three meters high and the walls are decorated with statues of pharaohs and hieroglyphs. The tomb according to Mr Waziri was found in almost perfect condition, which makes it a unique found. The most recent discoveries in Saqqara also included the tomb of a military official and this high-ranking official was buried around 3,300 years ago and at the same time, the silver mask and a mummy that is around 2,500 years old were discovered in a tomb filled with statues that portraying cats.