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US Retail Locations for Apple Closed Until May


The Apple Company provided an informal memo to all employees throughout the United States. This memo revealed that retail locations wouldn’t be re-opened until May 2020. Announcements on this memo were made by the Bloomberg Report through Dierdre O’Brien, the Retail Chief for Apple in America. She expressed that experts with Apple are continuously monitoring the conditions of COVID-19. This extends towards reviewing every variation of an Apple Facility worldwide, which extends to their retail locations and manufacturing facilities. This continued assessment is allowing the Apple Company to determine the best time to re-open. Delays could continue depending on guidance legislation from international governments, including the US Senate.

Flexible arrangements for administrative staff are being provided amidst this additional closure. It’s allowing these individuals to work from safer conditions in their respective living quarters. Administrative Offices won’t re-open until May 2020 as well. Dierdre mentioned that optional strategies are being considered for parents working from home. Flexibility in their work schedules will be allowed during this period. That’s because parents are having to homeschool their children during this period, with educational facilities worldwide being shut down. It shows that Apple is continually encouraging their employees to focus on the priorities at hand, with work taking the backburner occasionally.

Chinese Closures

The Apple Company 1st saw its retail locations and manufacturing facilities shut down throughout Greater China. This occurred on March 14th, with closures being enacted indefinitely. It was initially planned to re-open these retail locations by March 27th. Medical experts guiding Apple in their decision-making process were incorrect on the exposure period with COVID-19. Timeframes range between four months and two years, which could see all Apple-owned properties shut down for an extensively long period.

It should be mentioned that the Apple Company has implemented multiple measures to ensure public safety. This has included terminating their Worldwide Developers Conference for 2020, which is one of the most notable electronic expositions globally. Alterations in WWDC2020 saw this event turn into a Streaming-Exclusive for Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads. The number of those watching WWDC2020 were limited, with product sales on the newest iPhones and iPads also being minimal. Apple has received significant profits from its recently updated MacBook Air, which follows after the number of individuals working from home.