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Ubisoft Terminates Several Top-Level Executives


Abuse & harassment in the workplace has become a reignited subject throughout multiple companies. None have proven safe, with brands that were once considered trustworthy being revealed to be bullish. This was confirmed with Ubisoft, a video game corporation headquartered out of Paris. Weeks prior revealed allegations against multiple executives in the Ubisoft Corporation Division, with those claims being reviewed & investigated over the last month. The truth was found behind these allegations with several company officers leaving their position active immediately.

It’s known that Ubisoft’s Chief Creative Officer, Serge Hascoët, was terminated on July 11th. This extends towards Yannis Mallat, the Managing Direction of Ubisoft Canada. Additional large-scale terminations include Ubisoft’s Global Head of Human Resources, Cecile Cornet. An official company-wide statement was issued & remarked that rigorous investigations were maintained over the accusations seen from employed workforces in Ubisoft. Media personnel from Ubisoft confirmed that inappropriate behaviour & workplace misconduct was regularly seen.

Another formidable departure seen in Ubisoft’s highest corporate division was Maxime Beland, their Vice President. Multiple allegations regarding assault to Ubisoft supporters were made & then founded, prompting his immediate exist. Together these four men have assisted in creating what’ll now be slightly tarnished franchises. Those franchises include Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Far Cry, and For Honor.

The Significance

Gamers in North America & Europe remarked how the termination of Maxime Beland is significant. This man was the defining obstacle to have a franchise restored & new international property developed. Inside reports suggest that multiple game series that could’ve sustained multiple instalments were rejected, with the reasoning being popularity for Maxime. Those that never spoke poorly of Maxime & became close with the Vice President were gifted with leadership opportunities. Anyone doing the opposite found themselves being immediately rejected.

The workforce employed with Ubisoft Toronto released a formal statement regarding concerns of harassment. Their sentiments indicated that employees could not feel protected & safe within environments that Ubisoft claims are inclusive for everyone. It’s suspected that Ubisoft Management could also find themselves losing their jobs after more details in the company-wide investigation are revealed.