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TypingDNA Closes Series A Funding


There are thousands of tech startups located worldwide, with one of the most notable being TypingDNA. They’ve been operational since 2016, maintaining more than eighteen employees in New York City. After proving themselves to multiple investors, it was confirmed that TypingDNA completed their Series A Funding. They acquired $7 million from investors that will be used towards artificial intelligence technology that determines people’s behaviours from the way typing is engaged via mobile devices and laptops. This would be similar to how behaviours and traits can be learned from somebodies’ signature, just on an industrial scale.

This information comes after a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission was revealed, which showed the company had completed their funding. It should be noted that this isn’t their first round of funding, with the company originating from Romania and earning a previous €1.3 million via Seed Funds. Eventually, the company moved operations to the United States of America, opening a newly-built headquarters in Brooklyn. The venture capital firm that led this funding round for TypingDNA was Gradient. Owned by Google, they’ve worked with this AI-Startup before and have priority stake in the company. They received additional help from the Gap Minder Venture Partners and TechStars Ventures Firm. Without these three first assisting TypingDNA, they wouldn’t have acquired the $7 million in Series A.

The Product

TypingDNA has spent the last four years developing artificial intelligence, which would understand detailed timing information. This information would be relayed to the AI-Startup, indicating unique ways to identify individuals through the way mobile phones or laptops are engaged. This technology isn’t new but hasn’t ever been implemented on this scale, with it’s potential to assist law enforcement growing every day. Technically, TypingDNA is reworking a technology that’s been maintained for two decades. However, there were numerous inaccuracies when it applied to the application being used by companies worldwide. TypingDNA believes their AI-tech can remove these inaccuracies, with the Google Corporation having confidence in their capabilities.

This startup has received contract obligations from multiple institutions, with no time limits in effect. These institutions include financial firms, banks, government associations and identity theft insurance corporations. This technology also assists with educational growth, showing how upcoming generations can alternate their typing capabilities and become more proficient with the technology. TypingDNA hasn’t provided any details on how their artificial intelligence application is created or managed.