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Two Dead From Sword in Quebec on Halloween Night


Canadians were shocked to learn that a horrific & haunting event occurred on October 31st. It was announced by law enforcement in Quebec City that an unnamed individual had attack five civilians during Halloween night. This man dressed in medieval clothing & dawned a sword while walking around Old Quebec City, a historic neighborhood, during Halloween for having enjoyable activities. Those events were met with fear after this individual killed two Quebec City residents and inflicted wounds onto three others. Law enforcement clarified that the attack has been arrested and isn’t affiliated with local extremist groups throughout the province of Quebec. 

Responses have been seen nationwide, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making his remarks via Twitter. Canada’s PM mentioned that his heart breaks for those involved in the October 31st incident, especially for the loved ones of the two individuals murdered last night. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wished the three wounded full recovery, expressing that they’re in the thoughts & prayers of Canadians. Canada’s PM would end his statements by thanking first responders for their efforts during the Halloween tragedy.

Quebec City law enforcement haven’t identified the suspect or where he’s being held until witnessing a judge. Details were kept private to guarantee that loved ones of those murdered & injured didn’t retaliate against the unidentified suspect. The Police Chief of Quebec City clarified that this attack was premeditated & that victims were chosen randomly. It was confirmed that Robert Pigeon that the suspect drove from Montreal’s Suburbs to make the premeditated attack, stating to officers that his intention was to inflict the most damage possible. Police Chief Robert Pigeon would than confirm that this suspect committed these attacks with a Japanese Katana.

Suspect in a hypothermic state when arrested

Details regarding the arrest of this suspect was also made. It was revealed by a Quebec City newspaper that law enforcement made the arrest when the suspect was lying on the ground in a hypothermic state. He was sent to the Quebec City Hospital for evaluation on his physical & mental condition, with this individual expected to face a judge after leaving the medical facility. It should be clarified that the ages & identities of those attacked hasn’t been revealed. Quebec City residents have prayed that no children were involved in these attacks.