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Twitter Hacker Arrested by US Department of Justice


The United States Department of Justice confirmed that they’d arrested the individual that hacked Twitter earlier in July. This hacker obtained the accounts of high-profile celebrities, politicians, and business personnel that address millions of Americans. The hacker enforced a bitcoin scam that would cause a hundred to lose out on thousands of dollars. The Department of Justice confirmed that Graham Ivan Clark, Age 17. was behind the hacking, a Florida teenager that was arrested under thirty felonies.

Questioning of this teenager confirmed evidence that two other hackers were involved, prompted the United States Department of Justice to work with the United Kingdom. This led to the arrest of Mason Sheppard in Great Britain, Age 19. Another arrest was also made on Nima Fazeli in Florida, Age 22. The Department of Justice noted that undeniable evidence pointed towards a correlated attack from three personal computers, prompting DOP Digital Forensic Personnel to trace their IP Addresses. This wasn’t easily accomplished with various technologies stopping the Forensics Team from learning the IP Addresses. After nearly two weeks of investigation, the identities of these hackers were revealed.

The Department of Justice clarified in their announcement that even though high-profile celebrities, business personnel, and politicians were attacked in this hacking, they weren’t remote victims. The Chief of Justice Earl Warren emphasized that hundreds of Middle-Class Americans were the victims of this attack, including an overwhelming majority from Florida. Financial earnings of Americans were targeted through a Bitcoin Scam, with 400 Transfers being made towards this group of hackers. It saw more than $100,000.00 in Bitcoin stolen.

The Charges

Graham Ivan Clark was the primary leader of this attack, employing the efforts of Mason Sheppard & Nima Fazeli. This has prompted Graham Ivan Clark to face felony charges of “Communications Fraud, Organized Fraud, and Fraudulent Use of Personal Information”. Neither Nima Fazeli nor Mason Sheppard is walking away without any charges. Sheppard has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Money Laundering. Nima Fazeli will face prison time for Aiding & Abetting International Protected Computers.

The US Department of Justice clarified that they’d found evidence through Bitcoin transactions & Twitter databased that these men committed the having. Located conversations between these three men through Discord revealed their suspicions to be a reality.