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Trump Agrees to Biden Transition


Transitioning from President of the United States was never going to be an easily accomplished task for Donald Trump. Initially, Trump had suggested that he wouldn’t leave office without a prominent fight & would demand that the election be recounted. Though those demands are still being evoked by President Donald Trump, he has accepted the formal transition required between presidencies.

His change in tone follows after the “General Services Administration” acknowledged that Joe Biden had won the 2020 election, meaning that Trump has lost all possible avenues to content the election. President Donald Trump would evoke that overseeing the handover of presidency must be accomplished by the GAS & his political party. Trump sent memos to respective authorities to initiate what must be done for transition by January 2020.

Donald Trump maintained a substantial blow in the election, which came when Joe Biden acquired victory in Michigan state. That jurisidication was the final location that could provide POTUS an opportunity to recount the election. Donald alongside his political party are aware that avenues towards contesting official votes have depleted, meaning that Joe Biden will be sword into America as the 46th President. It’ll be an influential day of happiness of Americans that have cringed during four years of racism & hatred from Donald Trump.

The Task Forces of Biden’s Administration

Joe Biden was ignoring every threat made by Donald Trump to contest the election. That was proven on November 21st when Presidential Elect Joe Biden unveiled his “National Security & Foreign Policy Team”, which comprised of numerous colleagues from the Obama Administration. American’s that rallied behind Barack Obama will see similar politicians used by Joe Biden, who was Vice President to Obama.

Donald continues to state that he’ll pledge the “Good Fight” for America and will run for a second term come 2024. It could mean a back-and-forth fight between Donald Trump & Joe Biden with two consecutive elections.