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Thorpe Says Blackjack is Fascinating


Many think the book on blackjack that was written by Dr Edward Thorp is exaggerating. But it is not as it all started back in 1962 when hardly anyone believed that it was merely a game of luck. Thorp, then a university professor stared using his computer to work on a system. He wanted to uncover the mathematical advantages of the game.

The bestseller of All Gambling Books – Beat the Dealer

His first book was a bestseller, and it was focussed on a card counting system, the book was called Beat the Dealer. The book’s system is still used today to achieve winning, much to the irritation of land-based casinos. As the years went by, Thorp gathered quite the library of books he used as resources including horse race betting to casino gaming.

Entering the Blackjack Ball – Preserved for the Most Advanced Players

Dr Edward Thorp was recently invited to the Blackjack Ball. This is a secret gathering only for the most advanced players. It is a gathering sponsored by the Barona Casino and Resort and held yearly in Las Vegas. Thorp accepted the invitation and graciously donated his library of gambling books to Max Rubin, the founder of the Blackjack Ball. To raise money for the yearly future ball, Rubin is thinking of auctioning the books that he was gifted from the reading room of Thorp.

Blackjack Ball in Las Vegas a Yearly Affair

The yearly Blackjack Ball takes place in February, and this year five of the titles went to those with the highest bids. Many of the books have notes and comments made by Thorp. He told the members how once in Chicago met with Major Riddle who wanted to do a blackjack free-out with Thorpe versus his casino. Thorp first was entirely against the idea and later said he would but only if the dealer wears short sleeves. This would minimize his chances of cheating. Riddle would not hear of that and never agreed. Thorp then requested that the whole game should the videotaped so he watched it later to detect when the cheating took place and again Riddle would not allow that. What he did want was for Thorp to hang around and win $100,000 in a month, which was not even worth the effort for the professor.

That decision alone tells you just how much Thorp could win in a month.

He knew the best card-counting systems and how casinos worked. It took him many years to perfect the technique, and when he found he was broke, he got himself a few backers. With the money from the backers, he won $11,000 during his very first trip. This went on for three years, and in that time, he won a quarter of a million, although he had to share with those who backed him. Even when it had many financial upsides, the bigger idea to Thorp was to write a book and to tell everyone how he secretly worked on Beat the Dealer.