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Things to Consider Before Buying Headphones


These days, people tend to listen to a podcast or their favourite music at some point during their day. To successfully avoid annoying fellow commuters and co-workers, a good pair of headphones is needed. They are rarely an impulse purchase, as they usually cost a few hundred dollars, and with everything else in life, we want them to last. Like laptops, televisions, and other gadgets, they come in all sizes and shapes. Here is a list of factors you need to consider before you decide to buy new headphones.

Wireless vs Wired

You will need to ask yourself if you would prefer Bluetooth headsets as oppose to tethered options. Wired headphones offer utility, especially when you listen to them through an amp while sitting at home. However, if you consider yourself an active person that will use them in the gym or you enjoy walking around without any wires in your way, you’ll need to look at wireless headphones.

Wear Style

Like sunglasses, shoes, and other items, you’ll find different wear styles when it comes to headphones. Just like fashion and clothing accessories, you will have a preference for specific headphones. True wireless and wireless headphones flourish for earbud fans, while on-ear and over-ear models are considered to be more traditional. In most cases, earbuds are the most affordable, while over-ear and on-ear models rank the most expensive.


Comfort is also a key factor to consider when it comes to your wear style. Obviously, your personal preference will vary, but there are loads of things to consider nonetheless. Most of the true wireless and wireless earbuds don’t feature any cushion foam tips, making extended listening sessions an absolute nightmare. If you are someone that will listen to hours of music or perhaps use your headphones for extended gaming sessions on your laptop, it’s best to go for on-ear or over-ear headphones. Earbuds will eventually cause discomfort and pain the longer you use them. However, if you simply need to listen to music whilst at work or want to gym in comfort, then earbuds is your best option.

Sound Quality

This is another crucial factor you need to consider before buying headphones. Some enjoy the over-the-top bass that is renowned with Beats headphones, while others love the low-end tone. It basically depends on the genre of music you listen to. You will need to find a shop that will allow you to test each headphone with your own music to make an educated decision.

Noise Cancellation

A standard feature on many flagship headphones is active noise cancellation. Should you be willing to spend over $300 on either over-ear or on-ear headphones, you’ll definitely receive this innovative technology. It will all depend on where you use them. If you want to avoid hearing your co-workers over your music or want to use them during travels, you’ll need to find headphones with noise cancelling technology. However, if you can simply pump up the volume, there’s no need to pay extra.