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The Velvet Announced by LG


The LG Company announced its latest smartphone for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year. This follows after-sale percentages for all variations of the LG V60 were below expectations. It prompted their telecommunications division to pre-emptively tease the “LG Velvet”, which will support a new design language. This will extend towards a restricting of their operating system, ensuring that helping consumers receive a modernized handset.

Teaser announcements provide minimal details on the available features or services associated with the handset. However, confirmations on the availability date were provided. Those wanting to obtain the LG Velvet can pre-order the device by April 30th, where it’ll then be released by May 15th. It should be mentioned that LG Representatives didn’t clarify the associated price of purchasing this premium handset. It’s safe to assume that the specialized materials will place LG’s Velvet smartphone around $800.00 to $1,000.00.

The Announced Internals

Necessary details regarding the internal components were provided with this teaser. Three cameras are being supported in the Velvet housing, placed in a vertical proportion. Information on the megapixel counts, camera features and lowlight capabilities weren’t confirmed during the dear. It should be noted that the front-facing camera is designed in the “Raindrop Layout”, with placement located in the Top Middle.

The CPUs & GPUs are maintained by the Snapdragon 765 Processor, which helps support the specialized curved display behind the LG Velvet. Three colour options are being provided to consumers, with those including Aurora Green and Aurora Grey. The final colour is Aurora White and anticipated to become the most popular. Additionally, LG is continuing its loyalty to consumers by keeping the desired feature. The 3.5mm Headphone Jack remains active with the LG Velvet.

It should be mentioned that the LG Velvet marks the 1st handset that enters a new branding strategy for the telecommunication division. Instead of using alphanumerical combinations for their handset names, the LG Company determined that descriptive names will better separate them from the competition. It’ll be interesting to see if their revitalized branding will return LG to one of the pivotal smartphone manufacturers. They previously dominated operators like Google and HTC.