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The UKGC Makes Gambling Perfect


Cash strapped governments across Europe was the first to look for alternative ways to reduce budget gaps. It means the governments became now more eager than ever to embrace online gambling; after all, it is and was always a lucrative source of income was previously viewed only with scepticism.

The opposition to online betting in the US is focused on gambling addiction concerns, while the politicians in Europe that once were objected seemed to have changed their minds. What the European politicians feared was liberalizing the practice that could undermine the state lottery and land-based casino operators.

Casino Enthusiasts Prefer Online

Regardless of the fears and preferences of the politicians, the gamblers in Europe were moving away from land-based casinos to enjoy a much higher selection of sports betting sites with more compatible odds. As the finances worsen, the government was trying everything in its power to try and bring what was once thought of as a shadowy industry into Europe’s mainstream. The United Kingdom was the first to benefit from adequately legalized online casinos and sports betting, and on the 1st of September 2007, it is regulated and supervised by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

The Success of UKGC in Regulating Online Gambling

The performance of the UKGC in the last decade is nothing short of remarkable and impressive. As the industry grows, the UKGC remains on top of changes by implementing new compliance rules. A lot has happened in the past decade, and no other industry does better than UK gambling, by 2008 it generated well over £8.3 billion, and in only then years this went up to £14.4 billion GGY.

The UKGC ended 2018 with open consultations, and some of the regulatory decisions included that online operators would need to verify the age of players before they could accept deposits. The new law also includes preventing free play for non-members as it gives access to those under the legal age. The new code is now valid and has been since the 7th of May, which might be a bit frustrating to new members, although online operators have no choice but to follow the rules.

Verification of Identity and Age

Operators can no longer accept any deposits before they have checked the identity of the player and their age. The new application programming or known as the APSs, can verify the player identity and age within minutes. It means the registration process is not that much affected and operators no longer face the dilemma of losing potential clients due to time-consuming verifications.

There are quite a few great options available to casino operators, and the tools confirm the player’s age and identity within a few minutes. Such programmes save money, and it helps in the prevention of fraud while it saves time. Casino owners and operators are responsible directly in the player’s journey to a safe, fair and secure environment. The full guidance to casinos was available before the deadline in May.

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