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The UK Banned from European Travel


Travel restrictions have turned into temporary bans for multiple nations allowing residents into the United Kingdom. Aggressive actions between European states is growing, with an enhanced & more potent version of Covid-19 lingering over the Union after flourishing in the Netherlands. That coronavirus strain entered UK Borders, prompting a drastic rate of Covid cases being confirmed daily. Outbreak levels have reached out-of-control levels, initiating nations into their travel bans.

The immediate halting of flights to the United Kingdom has been initiated by France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Government leaders residing over these nations have promised temporary bans & will create legal travel restrictions when Great Britain to Northern Ireland can ascertain the enhanced strain of Covid-19.

Twenty-seven leaders that govern over EU-inducted nations are meeting on December 21st to determine a strategy for guaranteed safety against the newest coronavirus strain. It’s known that London, South-East England, and the Netherlands are experiencing destructive infectious rates because of the latest Covid strain.

Most aren’t aware that Covid-19 has mutated into three different viruses, with each being stronger than the last. Medical personnel in Denmark battled Covid-M20 after millions of Mink’s became infected with a mutated version of coronavirus. Denmark eliminated & buried the entire nation’s population of Mink’s, which will then be unburied for incineration in four months. Covid-M20 was considered 35% stronger in infecting humans, with the latest mutation from the Netherlands determined 70% more effective in transmitting across humans.

The Netherlands

Viral mutations for Covid-19 that’ve plagued the United Kingdom arrived from the Netherlands. However, national support from civilian personnel saw the Netherlands battle against the latest strain without significant challenges. Medical personnel don’t believe the mutated coronavirus strains will weaken vaccinations released from Moderna & Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Each strain sustains identical structures with more potent compounds for infection. That’s why the United Kingdom reported an additional 13+ thousand cases of Covid-19 on December 20th. Those numbers are expected to reach higher volumes become December 31st.

Mutations witnessed in the United Kingdom have also been seen in Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands. All mutations share identical compounds, prompting medical personnel to question what variables cause Covid-19 to mutate into Covid-M20.