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The Sadistic Behaviour of China CCP Continues


China’s Communist Party has broken countless international policies, avoided democratic negotiations with governments, and committed sadistic crimes that’ve left individuals permanently damaged. No government other than America has stood against the Chinese Community Party, having concerns that voiced outrage could result in tariffs or elimination of exporting.

Civilian personnel living in Hong Kong, an independent state inside China’s borders until recently, explained that the Chinese Communist Party hadn’t changed their ways. Alexandra Wong made her first public appearance in fourteen months. She informed media personnel that for the last year & two months, she’d been held captive in Mainland China. Nicknamed Grandma Wong, Alexandra was detained during the Shenzhen August 2019 Protest.

The Chinese Communist Party forced Alexandra Wong through a “Patriotic Tour” in the Shaanxi province. Throughout this tour, she was forced to wave the Chinese flag, sing their national anthem, and denounce her activism in formal writing. Refusal to obey these demands would’ve resulted in Alexandra Wong being imprisoned or sent towards a “Chinese Containment Camp”.

Protests throughout Hong Kong began in June 2020, with local government selecting to permit extradition legislation based around the laws of China. This meant anyone in Hong Kong deemed unfavourable for the Chinese Communist Party would be imprisoned. Considering that 70% or more of Hong Kong would be regarded as unfavourable, it’s understood why millions began protesting.

After completing her tour, the Chinese Communist Party demanded she declare she’d not been tortured & wouldn’t protest any longer. They also demanded that any interviews with the media wouldn’t be permitted. Days after reaching freedom from Mainland China to Hong Kong, which has the same level of governance now. She didn’t hesitate to hold a media briefing regarding her fourteen-month detention, where Alexandra Wong declared she’d been tortured & forced into signing away her rights throughout China.

It’s suspected that after holding this press conference, Alexandra Wong will look towards escaping Hong Kong & moving to another country under asylum. This press conference was likely meant for asylum. Her lack of discretion indicates that accepting countries could question Alexandra Wong on her imprisonment & receive further knowledge on the CCPs torture techniques.