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The New Streaming Service – Peacock


July 15th will mark an important day for the streaming industry in America. This is when NBC Universal plans to launch its new streaming service, Peacock. This announcement was made on January 20th, 2019. Media reports noted that individuals with Comcast Xfinity would receive early access to Peacock on April 15th. It’s been more than twelve months since the company first revealed that they’d launch a streaming service to compete with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple. There’ll be two versions of Peacock, one with particular advertisements for a cheaper cost and one without ads for a premium.

The confirmation of when Peacock would be released was provided at an investor presentation meeting. Investors were informed that NBC Universal would implement a free version of Peacock, which will include classic television series and the latest seasons from the national broadcasting company. The advertisement-based free model will provide 7500+ hours of television. However, individuals wanting the exclusive programming from Peacock and early access to their talk shows will require a subscription. Peacock Premium will be bundled into two versions, one for Comcast customers at $4.99 per month and an additional version for individuals without a television subscription for $9.99 monthly. It should be noted that Comcast subscribers will still receive advertisements with the respective Peacock programming. Avoiding ads required the highest-tier subscription model.

The Competition

NBC Universal has implemented a strategy for Peacock, which requires aggressive marketing and production costs until 2021. Two billion will be spent between 2020-21 to acquire 35+ million customers. NBC’s Peacock plans to be an essential streaming service by 2024. However, there’ll be substantial competition facing the national broadcasting company. Warner Brothers announced that HBO Max would launch in 2020, which follows the new streaming services Apple and Disney. All four of these operators will be competing against notable brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The only benefit for the Disney Corporation is that they own a majority stake in Hulu. NBC’s Peacock will put their original programing against famous brand under Netflix, such as the Stranger Things or The Witcher.

New Programming on Peacock

The National Broadcasting Company is focusing on creating new television series exclusive to Peacock. This’ll include specific intellectual properties from Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. Original series coming to Peacock have already been announced. The first significant show revealed was the return of Saved by the Bell, which will follow Zack Morris as a Vice-Principal. Additional properties include new renditions of Battlestar Galactical and Punky Brewster. There’ll also be a crime television series named Doctor Death, which is based in a dystopian landscape.