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Tabcorp Signing Another Massive Deal


It was just about a month ago when this Australian lotteries and sports betting operator, Tabcorp signed a massive deal with the National Football League, to become their official sports betting provider in Australia. Now they have done it once again by signing the same kind of massive partnership agreement but this time with another major sports league, the National Basketball Association. This week, during the dawn of the NBA season, merely days after the openers were played, Tabcorp became their official partner to bring Australians the NBA action which they hunger for. This agreement also included that Tabcorp will be authorized to make use of NBA marks in their multitude of venues across the country, as well as on their digital platforms.


The giant in the industry has an extensive network across the entire country with more than 4 400 locations of TAB retail sites as well as entertainment sites. These sites are also the home to Tabcorp’s Sky Channel. The agreement also brought the league’s 24-hour channel, NBA TV, to Sky Channel. Sky Channel is being broadcasted in all of Tabcorp’s venues in TABs, bars, pubs and clubs. Therefore Sky Channel will now also bring some of the NBA TV programs to these venues, including NBA games and highlight as well as other original content. Sky Channel will also be creating some of its content about the NBA, to be broadcasted.

According to the Tabcorp MD for wagering and media, Adam Rytenskild, they noticed the hunger among their clients towards more exposure to the NBA. Basketball is growing its market share within the country, and their goal is to expand that even further. They want to do this by providing their supporters with even greater offerings while in return, the NBA will bring more value to their venues. He also stated that the NBA compliments the content and sports which they already feature, well.

The National Basketball League

Scott Levy is the executive vice president and managing director of the NBA in Asia. He stated that the league decided to partner with Tabcorp due to its extensive network across Australia. They are seen as a reputable provider in the industry and one which they feel proud of to partner with. The league is also excited to extend the interest of the Australian public in the sport and to have this leader with such a wealth of experience in the industry, on their team. Tabcorp’s input will be invaluable when it comes to monitoring integrity as the authorized sports betting operator for the league.


It seems that Tabcorp is committed to cementing their position as much as possible within the Australian market. Since the deal between Tabcorp and the NFL, the two partners have been working together on promoting the NFL’s ‘Pick’em free-to-play football. This deal also gave authorization to Tabcorp to make use of the NFL marks in their venues as well as their digital platforms nationally.