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Suicide Attempt Puts Garcia in Hospital


Sunny Garcia, the surfing legend spend time in the Portland hospital’s intensive care after a suicide attempt. The World Surf League confirmed the hospitalisation of the 49-year-old surfer in a statement. The WSL’s Twitter message included that it was with heavy hearts that it is confirmed that one of the greatest in and out water champions was still in the ICU. The WSL also requested prayers for the Triple Crown’s six-time winner in this challenging time.

Sunny Garcia was admitted to the Portland intensive care after a suicide attempt following years of depression. The TMZ website reported on Garcia’s long struggle with depression and the news regarding the surfer’s hospitalisation caused a wave of messages across all forms of social media.

American Surfing Super Star Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, the surfing star from America, posted photos of Garcia and himself on Instagram, alongside the picture that shows the two surfers smiling. The message from Slater says that he can’t imagine Garcia not being in his world since they’ve got so much to do still before they are done. The message also mentions the hard times but more focus on the good times and says that everyone is praying that he would wake up.

WSL World Champion Sunny Garcia

Born in Hawaii, Sunny Garcia enjoyed a professional career in surfing over more than four decades. His career started in 1980, and he started competing in 1986 once he left school. By 2000 Garcia became the WSL World Champion and he was the second professional surfer to accumulate over $1 million in prize money.

Garcia Asked for Help via Instagram Message in 2014

Garcia’s life out of the ocean was turbulent, and he faced a three-month prison sentence for tax evasion in 2007, and it was also then that he started speaking about his depression. He explained that depression was no joke. His talks included that you woke up feeling energetic and ready to face the world. But. A couple of hours into the day you start feeling down and start wondering what is wrong with you. Garcia also wrote a message related to his depression on Instagram in 2014.

Sunny Garcia Wanted to Figure Out How to Escape Depression

Not knowing what was wrong, he wholeheartedly agreed that he had no reason at all to feel the way he did. His was concerned that the state of depression continued for more than two years and he invited others to communicate with him that suffered from the same feelings. His main goal was to learn from others, find a way of coping and wanted to figure out what he should do.

Thousands of messages wish Garcia and his loved ones well, and many fans are praying for his full recovery. No one expected that his state of depression would push the world champion this far. Several world champion athletes have suffered from depression, and all hope is on a full recovery, and that professional help would be all Garcia needs.