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Sportsbetting in New Jersey Leads in May


New Jersey takes the lead in sportsbetting; it’s time for Nevada to move down a position for the new leader in betting on sports events. It was a long shot when Gov Chris Christie decided it is time to legalize sportsbetting; not many had hope that he would get his way in the Supreme Court. Some even thought it was just about the same as placing your money on Mets to win the World Series.

One Year Later – New Jersey Leads in Sportsbetting

A year has passed since Christie tackled what seemed an impossible task. He enjoyed the victory, surprisingly the high court did agree. What followed is a dream come true, as New Jersey became the leader in sportsbetting. New Yorkers loved and still love the idea of placing their sports bets via their mobile devices, So much so that in May 2019, it had more bets placed than in Nevada. The rapid rise enjoyed by New Jersey is still surprising to some, although it is a leader in the sports betting industry. There is no indication that it is going to change; all signs show that it is to stay at the top.

Jersey Leading in Sportsbetting, By How Much?

It is one thing to claim that sports bettors in New Jersey lead the way. What counts is by how much, could it be sufficient to indicate a new leader that could remain at the top? Las Vegas in May this year had sports betting worth $317.4, in New Jersey sports betting came to $318.9. The difference is $1.5 million! Christie and the rest of the sports betting world did not expect this rapid growth, well not that it would happen this quickly. The plan was to be extraordinary, and with the figures above, New Jersey is on its way!

Structured Demographically to be Extraordinary

Christie believes that right from the start, New Jersey sports betting was structured, demographically to enjoy significant success. There was never a doubt that it could be massive, but what they want to achieve is to be extraordinary.

Legalized Sportsbetting in the Other States

Since the decision by the Supreme Court, several other states have legalized sports betting. Still, it is New Jersey that is at the forefront. What took place was that betting opportunities opened at casinos and racetracks in Atlantic City. Mobile apps quickly followed once Gov Philip Murphy decided to sign the bill, within days. It became high-season for many sports fans; they could finally place bets on the teams they supported.

Many expected the state to enjoy success; not everyone thought the victory would be as high as it is. One thing is for sure; New Jersey opened the door to significant sports betting opportunities and many states are following in their footsteps. The results are staggering; in the past year, the sports betting arena changed entirely in the USA.