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Sports Stadiums Just Left Behind


For many sports fans, stadiums are the home away from home. It’s a happy place where everyone gets to cheer for their favourite team, enjoy different types of food and celebrate great wins. Weekends are for visiting a sports stadium near your home, meet up with your friends, grab snacks and watch sporting action. Nothing beats the fun and excitement involved in live game attending, even in this era where so many entertainment options are available from your couch.

Sadly Some Sports Stadiums in the USA are Abandoned

Everyone remember sports stadiums where they watched an exciting game, were able to shout and cheer for their team. These can include any of the stadiums from the Detroit’s Tiger Stadium, to Houston’s Astrodome. There is a certain nostalgia attached to sports stadiums. Every stadium has offered fans the chance to see their sports heroes in action. When it is time to take these down or they just sadly abandoned it is a sad occasion. Some of the sports stadiums might outlive their usefulness or become outdated, which is unfortunate as so many great memories are attached to all sports stadiums.

Houston’s Astrodome Sports Stadium

Once the Astrodome was the home-base of various top sports teams, including the Houston Astros enjoying most their home games at the Astrodome up to 1999 from around 1965. Before moving to Nashville, it was also the stadium most used by the Tennessee Titans.

The Astrodome once was called the eighth wonder of the world for both its magical and historical qualities that were the main attraction for baseball and Astro fans. Even if you never had the chance to attend a game at the Astrodome, it is still sad to see it as a storage area or a temporary shelter.

Philadelphia’ Spectrum Stadium

Over 52 years ago, South Philadelphia celebrated the opening of the Spectrum stadium in 1967, this multi-purpose sports arena was used for hockey and basketball game and hosted many concerts. It was best known as the home base of the Philadelphia Flyers as well as the Philadelphia 76ers. Although its final purpose was to organise the Pearl Jam concert, which took place over ten years ago in 2009. The Spectrum was demolished a few years later in 2011, and today the Sixers and Flyers home base is the Wells Fargo Centre.

Miami Marine Stadium

The Miami Marine Stadium opened in 1963 and was closed in 1992 and its building cost at the time amounted to $2 million. It became known for being built on the Virginia Key and would host many powerboat races although the events that did take place at the stadium included concerts attended by Sammy Davis Jr and Richard Nixon. What happened to the Miami Marine Stadium was mostly due to Hurricane Andrew that affected not only the stadium but also the State of Florida. Today, the destroyed stadium is nothing but runes, riddled by graffiti and it is difficult to believe the 6,566 seat stadium was once a hot spot for events aired via ESPN.