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Smartphone Technology Leveraged to Track Infections


Collaborative measures between two of the most significant technology manufacturers worldwide was announced on April 10th. It was confirmed that the Apple Company and Google Corporation would combine their technologies, ensuring that data is leveraged to the government. It’ll enable for national government agencies to enforce social distancing measures, with a required application called “Contact Tracing” being forcibly installed to Apple and Google devices.

The CT Application cannot be uninstalled under any circumstances, as it’ll use Bluetooth Wireless Technologies to track civilians. This follows after millions across the United States haven’t obeyed the government requirements to remain home or distance themselves from society. Short-Range Bluetooth Signals will be sent towards local towers, which will process the signals and send data to servers operated by Google or Apple. All phones within the proximity of each local tower will be reviewed for three days.

All handsets consistent in the region will be considered “Permanent Social Distancing Civilians”. If another tower outside the implemented zone receives a notification that someone has begun leaving their jurisdiction, law enforcement will be immediately informed via a prompted message. Local police officers could enforce potential fines of $100,000.00 or more. It should be noted that data comprised by Contact Tracing will be provided to Healthcare Authorities as well.

Similar Strategies Worldwide

Technologies of this nature have been available to governments for a prolonged period. Communist regions like China have implemented Contact Tracing for 3+ years. Following the coronavirus pandemic, multiple other countries are considering similar measures. This includes Britain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic. It should be mentioned that neither of these nations nor the United States has confirmed that Contact Tracing would be terminated after COVID-19. Global civilians could find themselves being tracked by governments 24/7 after this pandemic has found its vaccine.

The American Government wouldn’t have had to enforce these conditions if civilians followed protocols. It takes a singular individual that is Asymptomatic to infect an entire population, with this happening previously in China and Italy. Worldwide governments must implement all efforts to ensure multiple waves of the coronavirus don’t occur. It’s the only way to ensure the safety of their people. Most forget that civil liberties are just that, a right and not a requirement.