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Saudi Female Activist Arrested Amidst Corruption


Campaigning for female rights hasn’t lessened in Saudi Arabia, even with the advancement of women being permitted to drive. Government personnel are proving themselves as vengeful again after confirming they’ve implemented an additional five-year sentencing onto Loujain Al-Hathloul. This female activist is the reason women are permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia now. She was arrested weeks before legislation was approved & woman could begin driving. What Loujain Al-Hathloul has faced in the last two years are severe, with accusations of torture & sexual harassment being made. The Saudi Arabian Courts have dismissed all claims from Al-Hathloul, claiming she’s actively working towards tarnishing the government’s international position.

Activist groups & governments worldwide have demanded that Loujain Al-Hathloul be released from prison, with those demands ignored by the Saudi Arabian government. The courts have allowed Al-Hathloul to sustain two & a half years in maximum-security prison. She was expected to be released midway through 2021, which isn’t the case any longer after learning five additional years have been added to her sentence. Human right activist groups have begun demanding that democratic governments enforce their will onto Saudi Arabia & eliminate their intolerances towards women. These demands are being considered, with even the United Arab Emirates not sustaining such strong positions on women.

Treated Like a Terrorist

The Saudi Arabian Government has purposely given Loujain Al-Hathloul the worst outcomes possible. Instead of being trailed under the standard court system, government personnel guaranteed Al-Hathloul would be sentences under the “Specialized Criminal Court”. The SCC in Saudi Arabia exclusively handles cases regarding terrorism, with Al-Hathloul not remotely sustaining similarities to terrorist cells.

Her sentencing has been treated similarly to a terrorist, with electric shock torture & whippings being used against Al-Hathloul. The government disputes these accusations, but family personnel have suggested they’ve obtained proof to show otherwise. This would force international governments to impose their will against the Saudi Arabian government to illegally detaining a famed activist.