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Pokemon Players Receive DLC Refund


The Nintendo Company – America Division, has found itself facing temporary issues with their 1st Expansion Pass for “Pokemon Sword & Shield”. Each iteration of this game has its respective downloadable content, with large percentages of gamers getting confused on which they’re to select. Targeted for children above the age of ten, these youngsters aren’t accustomed to purchasing downloadable content with an internet connection.

Nintendo America is solving this issue by allowing players to switch out which Expansion Pass they acquired. Parents or Adult Gamers must contact Nintendo support staff, requesting an alteration of Expansion Pass. This process is slated to take five to ten minutes, depending on the call waiting period.

The Isle of Armor is the latest environment in the World of Pokemon. It showcased a similar climate to Japan, focusing on Martial Arts Pokemon. Hundreds of new Pokemon are available to catch & Dojo leaders open to fighting. Instead of combating Gym Leaders like current iterations of Pokemon have maintained, Dojo Leaders are introduced in the Isle of Armor. Their strategies & tactics are considerably different than what’s seen with standard Gym Leaders, so trainers get prepared!

The Reminders

Nintendo America is slightly angered by gamers & parents, who were continuously reminded to review which Expansion pass their purchasing. Nintendo’s Digital Store doesn’t support virtual returns, meaning that $30.00 is lost when awarding consumers, the other version of their Expansion DLC. Nintendo confirmed that moving forward they’ll require gamers to purchase the Expansion Pas through their respective model of Pokemon Sword or Shield. This guarantees that confusion won’t occur any longer.

After implementing this updated feature into Pokemon Sword & Shield, consumers won’t be awarded a new copy of purchased downloadable content. Excusing their mistakes for confusion on the downloading process won’t be tolerated, with Nintendo losing thousands per day before game legislation was updated.

Parents have also been reminded that an internet connection is required to install the Isle of Armor. Most children aren’t permitted to access the internet with Nintendo’s Switch, which is managed to ensure their digital safety.