Caesars Entertainment link-up with the NFL continues to grow

The National Football League’s link-up with Caesars Entertainment earlier this year raised plenty of eyebrows across the world, but it is one which appears to be benefiting both parties. The deal has undoubtedly raised exposure of the gambling industry as a whole, placing sites like Jackpot City Casino and others firmly in the public eye. […]

Plague Inc Receiving Backlash from Coronavirus Officials

The Self-Cleaning Bathroom

Have you ever seen those bathrooms with the double flush switch ahead? What regarding a block in the water container in a pal’s bathroom? Both are efforts to conserve water. The block displaces several of the water, suggesting smaller sized flushes, while those switches allow you to regulate the dimension of your flush. However, suppose […]

Apple Maps Redesigned

Huawei Loses Financial Aid

The United States FCC has implemented new legislation that directly affects Huawei. The commission announced a new law that terminates wireless carriers from accessing the Universal Service Fund when purchasing from a national security-deemed company. Acquiring this fund allows for corporations like AT&T or Verizon to access billions of dollars to buy new products or […]

Apple Maps Redesigned