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Outdated Operating Systems lose WhatsApp


The WhatsApp service won’t be available for millions of smartphones starting February 1st. This followed after the Facebook Company confirmed that outdated operating systems couldn’t support the required security framework needed to secure encrypted messages. Blocking outdated softwares from access to WhatsApp was necessary for the benefit of all other consumers. Subsequently, those maintaining mobile phones with software older than iOS8 to Android 2.3.7 won’t have access to WhatsApp.

Anybody maintaining a smartphone or tablet product operating under “Legacy Systems” cannot acquire the WhatsApp services. It’s because these operating systems aren’t loaded onto any new products and quickly become targeted by hackers. There are chances that the severs compiling network data for this application could be comprised. Individuals wanting to re-acquire their access will have to update their mobile phones. Unfortunately, those that cannot update their operating systems will be permanently locked out from the application until purchasing a new device. Individuals shocked by this announcement had three years to account for this termination, with WhatsApp first announcing they’d block legacy systems by 2020 during the 2017 second quarter.

Representatives with the WhatsApp Subsidiary expressed that this decision had been under review for thirty-six months before finally being implemented. This rep noted that their main priority it the security of consumers and servers. It should be noted this isn’t the first time that WhatsApp has removed their services from older devices. It happened once in 2016 and again in 2019.

Coronavirus Stopping Tech Production

Production on numerous products in the technology sector has been halted with the expansion of coronavirus. After affecting ten thousand individuals globally and killing more than two hundred, it’s been declared a global public health emergency. Numerous companies with factories and retail locations were forced to shut down, risking the lives of their employees by refusing an immediate stop-to-operations. The 1st significant brand that’s been affected with their production levels is the Apple Corporation, with all retail stores being shut down and employees not returning to factories for the last five days.

The Nintendo Corporation was immediately affected by the Coronavirus as well. Their headquarters, factories and retail stores have been shut down. It was also confirmed that Nintendo Switch production dropped by 78% throughout the last several days. Additional companies that are expected to shut down in the following days include Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Sony. This could bring the most significant decline in technology production seen for decades.