Giovanni Cogo – Giovanni is the owner and Chief Editor for Cogo News. Gio has been working as an online journalist ever since he graduated with an English degree from The University Of Virgina. Giovanni still calls Virginia home despite spending a great deal of time traveling.

Amanda Jenkins – Amanda has been with Cogo since it’s inception. Karen earned a degree in economics from The University of Georgia. Karen now lives outside Tampa where she spends most days in sun with her two Labradors, Greta and Sammy.

Devon Colston – Devon is an accomplished journalist who has been working with print media for the good part of the last twenty years. He brought his expertise and professionalism to the online arena and has become a regular contributor to our site.

Kimberly Thomas – Kim is a retired history professor who contributes regularly to Cogo News.

Occasional Contributors:

Dustin Coleman

Sara Vickers

Tim Bethel

Charles Stanton