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Online Retailers Remove Neo-Nazi Products


BBC Click, a TV Series that centres around the social impact of daily technologies have uncovered a series of unfavourable products on various online retailers. Neo-Nazi & White-Supremacist products were located on digital stores like Amazon, Wish, and Google. This included merchandise from the Ku Klux Klan, books on Nazism, and flags for White Supremacy. BBC Click initiated the purchasing algorithms used with these sites, which didn’t hesitate to recommend other products similar to hateful merchandise previously acquired by the consumer.

Before unveiling their finding to British audiences, and subsequently the world, BBC Click requested the positioning of Amazon & Google with products based on White-Supremacy or Neo-Nazism. This extended towards Wish.com, having all three digital retailers clarify that those products were prohibited. Days later BBC Click would unveil their findings, informing British & worldwide viewers that representatives from all three companies had lied when incentivizing that racist products weren’t sold on their digital stores.

It’d take hours for anti-hate organizations to make public statements on the announcement of racists products for-sale on Amazon, Wish, and Google. The Anti-Defamation League recommended that these corporations regularly update their algorithms, ensuring that recommendations are related to racist products.

The ADL also clarified that Neo-Nazi & White-Supremacy merchandise need to be immediately terminated from their digital stores. Additional anti-hate organizations recommended that artificial intelligence be implemented, reviewing what sellers are putting onto digital stores. Similar to YouTube, anything defined unfavourable or racist would be excluded from finalizing the product posting.

The Items For Sale & Shocking Reviews

BBC Click reviewed Amazon’s, Google’s, and Wish’s digital stores for products on White-Supremacy or Neo-Nazism. Products located into a White-Supremacist Flag with Celtic Crosses, which the Anti-Defamation League clarified is the most common symbol associated with this hateful and racist cause.

Reviews seen on these products varied, with activist supports making comments that suggested Amazon shouldn’t profit from Neo-Nazism or White-Supremacy. Another review saw an American state how the Celtic White-Supremacist Flag was perfect for parades, thanking Jeff Bezos & Amazon for providing him with this product.

Shortly after BBC Click unveiled their findings, both Amazon & Google announced that their White-Supremacy products had been removed. The removal of Neo-Nazi merchandise also went into effect. Wish also announced that Ku Klux Klan products were removed, extending towards the Boogaloo movement.