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OnePlus Loses McLaren Contract


Reddit is the internet landscape where anything can be uncovered. Information that’s often not meant to be leaked appears on these forums, with the most recent regarding the partnership between McLaren Racing and OnePlus. Several users on Reddit revealed that McLaren Racing removed OnePlus from their “Official List of Partners – 2020 F1 Season”. Those who previously purchased the McLaren OnePlus Handsets were disappointed by this announcement, which hasn’t been confirmed but almost is guaranteed. That’s because other partners that engage with McLaren Racing remain highlighted. That includes Tech Firms, Logitech and Alienware.

Two iterations of the McLaren OnePlus Handset were released between 2018 to 2019. This included the OnePlus 6T – McLaren Edition, and OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. Most were expecting an updated model in 2020, which would’ve inevitably supported enhanced capabilities through the internal specifications. Those that purchases these handsets paid a premium, with the McLaren Editions coming with customized retail boxes that resemble the fast-paced nature of Formula.

It’s suspected that the COVID-19 Pandemic played a significant role in this partnership being cancelled. This follows after both McLaren and OnePlus unveiled the “2020 Concept One”. It became one of the most desirable smartphones for this fiscal year, with it supporting a rear-facing camera that became hidden when not being used—obtaining this technology required engineers from both respective companies eighteen months to develop.

New F1 Partnership for OnePlus

OnePlus isn’t concerned about losing this partnership, with the departing affecting neither McLaren nor the smartphone manufacturer drastically. The OnePlus Eight and OnePlus Eight Pro released in April 2020, earning significant sales throughout Asia. Sale valuations in North America and the European Union have been minimal amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. This prompted OnePlus to re-evaluate its operational status in Europe, which is being revised to streamline the European manufacturing process. After OnePlus Organizers accomplish this goal, they’ll work towards targeted advertisements that increase sale margins in North America and Europe.

OnePlus could’ve initiated this terminated contract, with some tech analysts speculating that the handset manufacturer will announce a new partnership for 2020. Obtaining a deal with Ferrari, Mercedes, or Red Bull would drastically increase sale margins for OnePlus. No official word has been released regarding the possibility of a new contract.