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Odds to Win the Iron Throne? Las Vegas Expresses A Different View


The most favoured betting option according to Entertainment News is on who would end up on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones’ final season. As the start of season 8 gets neared and judging by the trailers released, things get intense for the friend and Stark Family. As the epic battle is about to take place weights (fantasy genre of the undead) and dragons move closer towards Winterfell.

Cersei Lannister Last Few Smirks

Still, none of this means that the main heroes are not in the running, everyone still has the chance to sit on the throne, the endgame is still on and so is the show. Lena Headey now better known as Cersei Lannister remain unexpectedly tough at retaining power, no matter the personal cost. On the other side betting, folks do not expect that her smirk will last forever, well actually they hope it could end pretty soon.

Fluctuating Betting Odds on Bran Stark

Isaac Hempstead-Wright aka Bran Stark astonishingly is in the run for the win, even maybe the biggest contender when it comes to Las Vegas. This new favourite is born from the latest trailers that add to the theory that it could be the Night King, himself. According to betting experts, although it is still very early to make predictions, Bran Stark’s odds are starting to fluctuate.

Jon Snow Betting Odds

But Bran Stark remains a firm favourite despite his odds changing from -150, decreasing right down to +300. Kit Harrington, or as most like to say, Jon Snow who knows nothing, is slowly closing the betting and odds gap and he is now +350 to take the seat on the iron throne.

Daenerys Targaryen Moves Up in Betting Favourites

Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones the mother of the dragons become one of the favourites. Daenerys’ position in betting increased to third and lowered considerably since it was previously +1,200 and now the odds is +500. It could be the shots of her two remaining children, the dragons as they fly over the Winterfell skyline, or something else, but the central fact is she is now a big contender to win the iron crown.

Night King Theory?

Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark experienced a radical transformation over many episodes, and when it comes to betting odds, she is +600 to wear the iron crown. But then Gendry is also still amongst the favourites at +700.