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New Health Developments – Evolution Good or A Force Threatening Civilization


Evolution is it something we should tempt to outsmart or a force that should be seen as a force that threatens the existence of civilisation the way we know it. Resistance to antibiotics, cancers, and even bedbugs are spreading because of one thing, and that is because they evolve, manage to outsmart all the efforts used in fighting them and our only hope is to find that what could stop them in their tracks.

A stunning variety of life on earth has been created by the evolution that happened over billions of years. It includes humans. Still, it continues to also help wildlife adapt to the changes humans have made to earth and continue to make. Yes, even evolution with all its good has a dark side.

Dark Side of Evolution

Evolution can be a danger to human’s health, which is why 1 out of 5 humans are killed by a variety of cancers, and most are increasing in danger as they continue to progress plus several have all-together stop responding to the treatments. What else is proof of the dangers of evolution is that superbugs resistant to antibiotics are more common than ever before and drugs are evaded by killer diseases of which malaria is only one. This is taking a toll on our environment on our food and farmers are under strain trying to battle off the weeds and pests rapidly evolving, which make just controlling these a major task. Infestations, plagues and swarms thought to be defeated a long time ago including rats, bedbugs and head lice are back as major problems. It is no overstatement when said that the only way civilisation can have a future is to halt the threatening side of evolution.

Biologist Seeking Hubris

The ambitions do sound very much like hubris, and maybe that is exactly what biologists have been seeking. Yet in the meanwhile they have come up with a wide variety of different approaches, these include the creating of unchallengeable genes, turning tools for gene-editing into super-weapons of anti-evolution and then also making the mutation of viruses so fast that it would be impossible for them to evolve. Professor Lee Cronin from the UK University of Glasgow includes that another option could be reversing the resistance of antibiotics.

We, all humans, think that evolution is a wonderful process that slowly happens over millions of years and therefore we tend to see it as something that we don’t need to be concerned about in practical terms. But, evolution can be rapid, and it has been causing major problems for humanity, and that is since the dawn of civilisation. Could it be that we just prefer to see the benefits of evolution while ignoring the dark side or plainly just leave the problem side of it with scientists and biologists?