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New Face Mask for Tech Junkies


Technological advancements in our world continuously move forward, with some having substantial effects on the global level & others being pointless. Products like Smart TVs, Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Smart Home Technologies have altered the way civilians engage in our daily routines. Another company plans to reinvent how consumers participate in the “New World” after COVID-19. Manufactured in Japan, Donut Robotics has created a mask that’s meant to connect with smartphones. Confusing right? Let us explain.

Donut Robotics has created this Smart Mask for Japanese civilians that have been left abroad amid international travel restrictions. The eight most commonly used languages worldwide are used in correlation with this Smart Mask, allowing Japanese civilians to have their words immediately translated into whichever style is chosen. Donut Robotics has clarified that their Smart Mask is meant to be worn over standard PPE, providing consumers with the extra benefit of making calls & texting without ever having to touch their handsets. Some are considering this product pointless, and others have deemed it revolutionary for the COVID-19 Era.


The Donut Robotics Firm manufactured this Smart Mask in desperation to obtain products. This follows after international sales of Robotic Software entered unfavourable valuations, sustaining drops at 114% for the average firm. Donut Robotics wasn’t the exception but could find themselves revitalizing their reserve funds from the release of the “Donut C-Mask”.

PR Representative with Donut Robotics bolstered that this Smart Mask took one month to enter prototype status, with completion taking an additional month. Unnamed investors then provided the firm with $260k through the Fundinno Crowdfunding Service. Those that gave Donut Robotics a donation towards the development of their smart mask will receive one of the first five thousand manufactured by September 2020. Delayed manufacturing cycles follow after minimal staff have become available in Japanese Factories.

Donut Robotics was awarded clearance to distribute these masks throughout the European Union, the United States, and the Chinese Republic. PR Representatives clarified that significant interest had been shown in their product & future sales will be put towards additional manufacturing. Donut Robotics hopes to have one million units available by December 2021.