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National Lockdown Announced for Israel


Most countries have turned a blind eye towards the COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, with politicians & large percentages of their respective populations believing that societal engagements shouldn’t end because 1% of the population is dying. Nations that’ve adopted this mentality included the United States of America, Brazil, and India. Multiple countries have taken the virus seriously & implemented strong health measures to eliminate COVID-19. However, transmissions of the coronavirus are almost impossible to stop.

Israel has worked diligently towards eliminating their national COVID-19 pandemic, which has allowed for hundreds of thousands of Israelis to survive the symptoms of coronavirus. Unfortunately, September saw surges of four thousand daily infections being added to Israel’s infection rates. It’s prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce a 2nd national lockdown.

Israel is the first country worldwide to implement a secondary lockdown, with government personnel & health experts working tenfold to stop an increasing outbreak. Announcing the second national lockdown has been disappointing for 40% of the country’s population, who commit to the Jewish Religion. The lockdown will start on September 18th and end on October 9th, which means multiple dates overlapping with Jewish holidays.

Disputes over the second national lockdown have reached a point where Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman, has resigned from Benjamin Netanyahu government. The Minister resigned to protest against the Prime Ministers decision to lockdown Israel during notable Jewish festivals. Even Yom Kippur on September 27th under the Jewish Calendar will have to be avoided with new lockdown measures.

New Restrictions

Israel maintains a population of roughly nine million and is reporting approximately three to four thousand additional cases of COVID-19 per day. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Israeli people, he’d evoke that infections reached past four thousand cases on September 13th. It prompted the Prime Minister to announce new lockdown measures that’ll sustain nearly a month. Read the confirmed lockdown protocols below.

  • Maximum of ten people indoors.
  • Maximum of twenty people outdoors.
  • Schools, shopping centres, and entertainment venues will shut down.
  • Pharmacies & Supermarkets will remain open under social distancing protocols.
  • Israeli cannot leave an area of 500metres from their homes, working obligations excluded.
  • Businesses & offices not of government status can remain open but are unable to accept clients.