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Moto GFast Leaked Online


The Motorola Company accidentally has leaked its upcoming phone, which is named the “Moto G Fast”. Tech analysts suspect that this information was purposely leaked from insiders within the company, noting that it’ll join the Moto G8 Series. It’ll be considered their cheapest option within this series to date, supposedly costing less than $500 in the American Market. Finding most phones in this market is worth $1,000.00 to $2,000.00, this cheap option will garner the attention of thousands throughout the United States.

This leaked information was documented on the US YouTube Motorola Channel, with it being removed less than ten minutes later. It’s suspected that either an employee unintentionally released this information without the knowledge of managers, or that it was a purposeful leak to garner a small response for research purposes. When reviewing the documented footage that was saved by hundreds of viewers, it’s noted that the Moto G Fast is “Ultra-Fast & Ultra Responsive”.

News sources like TechRadar contacted the Motorola Company, requesting that confirmation on this new product be made. Comments weren’t publicly issued & TechRadar was informed that they’d receive an update when permitted by the Board of Directors. This indicates that Motorola’s involvement in this leaked information was intentional. Leaking footage before an official announcement has become a common strategy amongst handset manufacturers. It’s not remotely surprising that Motorola followed suit.

Spec Details

Those that saw this video before it’s removal from YouTube saw that the Moto G Fast would support an Octa-Core Snapdragon Pro Chipset, with the identical model not specified. This Chip will be managed through 3GB of RAM, meaning that regular consumption of battery life will be maintained. Expect two full days usage from this upcoming handset, which is bolstered in the video advertisement from Motorola.

It should be mentioned that the leaked footage also indicates that the Moto G Fast will support an Ultra-Wide Camera Lens, Macro Lens, and Main Sensor. This could create unique elements for photography. Details on the megapixel count for these respective lenses & sensors weren’t detailed by Motorola, meaning they’ll most likely be low in comparison to the Moto G8.