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Messenger Room Released by Facebook


The Facebook Company is continuously releasing new products, often adapting features from its competitors and implementing with their respective products. This has happened again with the introduction of Messenger Rooms, which is identical to the videoconferencing platform Zoom. This follows after the coronavirus pandemic prompted an international requirement for video messaging services, with Zoom dominating this space and defeating former leaders Skype. When this announcement was made through Facebook, they noted that Messenger Rooms would be introduced through their common messaging platform.

Facebook isn’t the 1st company to battle against Zoom for priority market share, with corporations like Google and Microsoft implementing their products. Statistical reports revealed that the Google Meet Platform hasn’t performed to estimate usage, forcing the large-scale corporation to ban Zoom and require employees to engage with their proprietary video conferencing service. Excuses provided by Google were similar to Facebook’s, with PR Representatives expressing that the security risks associated with Zoom forced the ban. It should be noted that Facebook employees are also banned from using the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform.

The Benefits

Unlike Google and Microsoft, Facebook has implemented unique features that could see high valuations of usage. Consumers engaging with Messenger Rooms can engage with 50+ people simultaneously, with integration in the video conferencing service including Instagram and WhatsApp. Considering that WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users worldwide, this integration will assist Facebook in the development of Messenger Rooms. This extends to their ownership of Instagram, which has an additional one billion users. Requirements to have someone enter the respective video conferencing rooms include specific permissions & following that individual.

Those wondering if Messenger Rooms will be supported on Windows & macOS shouldn’t be concerned, with Facebook PR Representatives noting that an update for both computing systems was provided last month. This update creates a unified connection between Windows & macOS, with Messenger Rooms enabled under this updated feature.

Messenger Rooms will even support a specific live stream broadcast feature, enabling hundreds of consumers to engage in a single conference. Permission from Facebook will be required to start one of these broadcasts, with the functionality more targeted towards large-scale corporations needing to contact numerous employees.