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McDonald’s Losing Money to Kiosks


Corporations worldwide have forced consumers to use self-ordering kiosks, with most having to turn back on their decision from a lack of support. The latest corporation found not to have consumer support with self-ordering kiosks is McDonald’s. This has come as a significant hit for the burger chain restaurant. These kiosks were a method to boost sales, with new renovations at locations worldwide.

The McDonald’s Corporation has pushed digital ordering and self-order kiosks onto consumers for half a decade. Recent tests from McDonald’s analytic firm reveals that kiosk needs to be retrofitted or replaced to accommodate for lack of support. North Americans have been resistant towards kiosks because they remove jobs, increase germ exposure and often have system failures. It’s estimated that more than nine thousand locations in North America have installed these kiosks, which will immediately need retrofitting or removal.

McDonald’s has worked actively with artificial intelligence, hoping to create a fast-food version of Amazon. Though this wouldn’t benefit North Americans regarding health concerns, it would possibly earn McDonald’s more money by removing certain positions. One instance of this is an automated drive-thru, which would have a robotic artificial intelligence take orders and send them to cooks. Recent buyouts of tech start-ups indicate that McDonald’s is in the testing phase for an automated drive-thru system.

Making this decision could cause significant ripples for McDonald’s Corporation. The lack of support from consumers with kiosks would be reflected with an automated drive-thru system. It’s estimated that consumers would stop going to McDonald’s locations entirely, as it would confirm the corporations doesn’t care for the customer’s ideals. Subsequently, McDonald’s will payout more than $750 thousand in renovations and most likely abandon their automated drive-thru system. It’s unknown how much McDonald’s Corp will lose by leaving their recently purchased start-ups.

The History of McDonald’s Kiosks

McDonald’s first launched its kiosk platform across the United States in 2015. It was quickly adopted into Canada by former McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook. Working with McDonald’s International, the North American Chief Executive Officer wanted to bring these kiosks worldwide. However, one month after his passing, it appears that the idea will be abandoned in North America. Nations like Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian-Nations have adopted the technology. Subsequently, McDonald’s will make a push towards the Kiosk system in these regions. It’s estimated that customers using Kiosks account for 40% of profits Asian McDonald’s profits.