Home Entertainment Lucky Pensioner Winning $1 Million Dollars After Discovering His Wife Had Beaten Cancer.

Lucky Pensioner Winning $1 Million Dollars After Discovering His Wife Had Beaten Cancer.


For Harold McDowell, currently on pension, the day started out with the amazing news that his wife has beaten cancer, yet the day had a few other surprises in store, well actually 1 million of them, which left this lucky man dumbfounded!

Harold McDowell says the best news of the day was that his wife is healthy, it remains the best news, and even his astonishing win does not come near the good news that his wife had beaten cancer. It was at the Borgata Casino Spa and Hotel where McDowell placed a $5 bet, he and his wife is from New Jersey, and the couple from Lakewood spend their Christmas at the hotel.

$5 Bet Turns into Win Worth $1 Million

The doctors confirmed on the Friday that his wife was completely cancer free and after several surgeries and hospital stays for her liver and colon cancer, the couple received the best news ever. Harold placed the $5 bet on Saturday afternoon on a poker game and ended up with a six-card royal flush of diamonds. The 85-year-old pensioner won $1 million and still claims that his amazing week was not about Christmas, becoming a millionaire but purely great due to the news that his wife had recovered from cancer.

Borgata Spa and Casino Hotel

After Harold McDowell made a profit worth $1 million form his $5 bet, the Borgata Hotel revealed in an interview that he was extremely lucky as the odds of winning was 1 in 20,348,320. McDowell who was seated next to his wife was dealt an ace, queen and 10 of diamonds and the dealer had the king, hack and nine of diamonds. The public works director now retired, said in an interview with the New York Post that he won due to the Luck of the Irish. He also shared that once he realised his luck, he turned to his wife and told her that he had just won a million and she told him to stop joking around.

Huge $1 Million Win Pad for Six-Card Straight Flush

McDowell was completely dumbfounded by the massive win and told the New York Post that he actually just sat there for a while, in his own words, “Like an Idiot”. The casino deduced around $200,000 in taxes, although the best news was that his wife is healthy, which makes the money less important. With the massive win, the couple can now look forward to travelling, and just being together as they both have the perfect opportunity to celebrate her health and their wealth every day.