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Low Sales for Pixel Four Series


The Google Corporation is finding itself in an unfavourable position with its Pixel Division. This follows after sales have declined rapidly over the last twelve months, with their 4th Edition of Pixel Phone not performing to expected valuations. Google had anticipated that their 3rd and 4th Edition would obtain critical success in similar fashions to original two versions of this phone. However, the 2018 Fiscal Year showed that Google Pixel Three didn’t capture the excitement of consumers. It results in an immediate drop in sales, with this same problem following in 2019 with the Google Pixel Four. Data has revealed that over six months, two million units were sold. These sales figures are lower than those of LG Communications or Huawei.

This information was revealed by IDC Analytics, which reviewed the 4th Quarter of 2019 with Googles released report. They combined those statistics with Q1 2020, showing that the maximum number of units shipped worldwide was two million. This is the lowest number of smartphones sold by any of the major manufacturers, which are deemed as Samsung, Google, and Apple.

The number of handsets shipped in 2020 from the last year depleted by one million. When you consider that Samsung and Apple sell an average of 50+ million smartphones worldwide, the valuations shown by Google aren’t sustainable for their handset division. Designers and Engineers working for this division will have to re-format the Google Pixel Series to obtain the consumer’s attention. This means bigger screens, better cameras, more processing capabilities, unique features, and identifiable design.

Minimal Market Share

IDC Analytics revealed that the Google Pixel Series maintains 3% of the overall market share in the United States. This is the lowest percentage in comparison to their rival competitors, including LG Communications. This brand holds 8% of the market, which is still small when accounting for the large percentages of the market share held by Apple and Samsung.

It should be noted that problems associated with the Google Pixel hardware reach the executive level. Designers & Engineers received multiple complaints from Senior Executives, who pointed out that the battery life and screen capabilities were horrendous in comparison to the competition.