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Judd Leads in 2019 World Championship


In the World Championship, John Higgins is led by Judd Trump by 12-5 in the final at Crucible Theatre. Trump produced a phenomenal display at the open and lead by 12-5 over Higgins and took control of the crucible final of the World Championship.

At first, both players tied at 4-4, that was after the first session of four centuries, Higgins then started the with a ton in the second session, and Trump won by eight frames, assisted by more than two-century breaks. On Monday the best of 35 matches will resume and aired live on BBC. Trump, the masters, champion lost against Higgins in the Crucible final in 2011 and is focussed on winning the titles for the very first time. The 29-year-old Englishman seeks to complete the Triple Crown in snooker by winning all the top three events.

Higgins is the runner-up in the previous finals and aims to match Ronnie 0’Sullivan when he claims the fifth title. The 43-year-old player from Scotland would need to enjoy a massive comeback if he wished to halt Trump. The final session starts at 19:00 and the winner will collect prize money to the value of £500,000 and the trophy.

Could Judd Become the World Champion

Trump’s best happened in the 10th frame, and Stephen Hendry, world champion winner seven times commented that he had a good shot at the championship, in an interview on BBC. Ken Doherty, the former champion feels that the way that Trump hit reminded him a lot of Alex Higgins. His entire body goes into the shot while his head goes up in the air, all against that written in the coaching manual.

He has a prodigious talent, and at the same time he is a great entertainer, The Englishman enjoyed runs of 70, 58, 71 and 114 and opened with an advantage as he headed into the last tournament day.

At the same time, Davis added that what Judd Trump can do with the snooker ball is quite frightening. His play is a masterclass, and he has the image of a world champion. The opening session this year was one of the best every according to Doherty, who was the champion in 1997. Trump showed off his form, Higgins criticised the final’s schedule that is spread across two days with sessions starting at 19:00 and 14:00. BBC Two’s Davis said it is astonishing to watch two players playing this well at the same time.

Higgins won back seven frames in 2018, and the Welshman Mark Williams lost. There is also Dennis Taylor who in 1985’s finals, lost the first eight frames. The thing is that Judd Trump is both brilliant and clinical, and he earns every standing ovation according to Davis. He also shared that he would hate to be in the seat where John is right now. Both Higgins and Trump play masterclass, and whoever ends up as the champion deserves it, well they both do.