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International NYE Restrictions in 2020


Worldwide, Civilians wanted to celebrate the upcoming year & mark their goodbyes to an unfortunate year surrounding numerous atrocities. Those making celebratory preparations were informed to terminate all indoor & outdoor activities on December 31st. International governments are citing the pandemic behind celebrations being cancelled, with outbreak scenarios being avoided after cases increases worldwide following the holidays. Nations that implemented restrictions for New Years Eve are listed below, with cancellations holding prominence throughout the European Union. It follows after the recently mutated strain of Covid-19 reached pandemic scenarios throughout Europe.

The Chinese Communist Party announced that the “2021 Beijing Lightshow” is being terminated, with all subsequent celebrations across China being forced into restrictive measures. Chinese towns cannot host largescale celebrations & permit civilians to leave their homes. Prominent fines with prison sentences are introduced by law enforcement is civilian personnel aren’t compliant with regulations.

Severe compliance seen in China isn’t being witnessed worldwide. Neighbouring Japan cancelled their traditional celebrations for New Years Eve, but informed civilians that celebratory parties maximized at ten participants could be hosted nationwide. The “Japanese Imperial Family” hosted their exclusive celebration for Japan’s elite, which was broadcasted nationwide & saw Emperor Naruhito greet guests with prominent respect.

England’s Concern & New Zealand’s Lack of Fear

Covid Strain VUI-2020/21 has sustained thousands of cases in Great Britain, with 55+ thousand cases being announced on December 31st. Civilians were urged nationwide to respect social distancing measures & avoid contact with others. It’s expected that upwards of sixty thousand cases will be reported by January 1st, with seventy thousand arriving by January 5th. Clarification was issued to civilians in London that celebrating outside their homes won’t be permitted & prominent fines will be issued to those breaking legislative orders. Northern Ireland is following identical protocols as part of the United Kingdom.

New Zealand’s measures against New Years Eve were non-existent, with strict lockdown protocols & border closures having allowed this nation to avoid outbreaks for months. New Zealand is the exclusive nation worldwide that hosted NYE celebrations without any concerns.