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Indiana Ready to Launch First Sports Gambling App


Sports gamblers in the state of Indiana are almost counting the hours until the 3rd of October. This is the date set to launch their first online sportsbook app. This week the Indiana Gaming Commission gave the thumbs up to Rush Street Interactive. Rush Street Interactive is based in Chicago, and through their partnership with French Lick Resort, they can offer mobile sports betting.

A Long Journey to Getting Approved

It was a journey which stretched over a couple of months before the Gaming Commission finally gave their approval for the online app. The initial plan was to launch sports betting within the state on the 1st of September. This process would have entailed two parts. The original part would be to introduce retail sports betting sites in the country, and the second phase would have focused on online betting. Unfortunately for sports betters, this never worked out this way. Currently, the state of Indiana has thirteen locations where local sports betting are offered, but the online option was still held back, awaiting approval until this week when Rush Street Interactive got the green light.

Applying Geofencing

As with some other states, the case is also valid in Indiana that punters can only make use of the online app while they are within the borders of the country. Therefore the online app makes use of geofence technology to ensure that all online bets are placed within the boundaries of the state. Upon registration, punters will have to provide some personal information including social security numbers, date of birth, contact details as well as debit or credit card details. Players must also be over the age of 21, to be able to register for an account. Since Rush Street Interactive managed to prove to the Gambling Association that their software complies with all the requirements concerning online gambling as set by the state, they received the state’s approval to continue.

Rush Street Interactive

RSI has already been operating within the state running a retail sportsbook at French Lick Resort. French Lick Resort received approval for working from a physical location on the 6th of September. Between RSI and French Lick Resort, they have partnered up to develop a mobile platform which will fulfil all the requirements as set out by the local Gaming Authority. This paid off as they have managed to convince the commission of their capabilities. According to Sara Gonso Tait of the Indiana Gaming Commission, they were confident that RSI would be able to fulfil the operating needs of their Indiana Code Article 4-38 as well as the Commission’s Emergency Regulations and other Directives. This success is propelling RSI far ahead of their competition. The new great news for punters in the state is that they won’t have to travel to any physical location to do an in-person registration. Hence the punters can only register online and immediately get involved in the long-awaited action.