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Ian Holloway Blames The European Union


Holloway’s statements, some quite bizarre reached the headlines this week; he wants to get out of the EU, he is upset and feels it is unfair to be told how to play the game. He wants Brexit to go ahead, and he puts all blame for the new handball rule on the EU. One thing Holloway, the former boss of the QRP did was create confusion as he told the audience that he feels that the EU should stop interfering with the way they play the game. His aggressive and angry statements are in response to the injury-time goal Manchester City achieved against Tottenham.

If the goal were allowed it would have meant a win for Manchester City, the game would then end on 3-2. With video assistance the referee decided to rule that the ball touched the hand of the defender in City, Aymeric Laporte did have contact with the ball before it got to Gabriel Jesus, the striker. This is where the new rule caused mayhem as it states that any connection what so ever between the hand of the player or the arm of the player, even when in an accident, must be disciplined.


It is a new rule and part of the reason why VAR was implemented; it has little to do with Brexit nor the EU. The new law was added by the IFAB, International Football Association, which is a global institution. The rule was implemented at the start of June by the Premier League. Still, Holloway sees it differently and still believes that the use of a VAR and the new rule should be done away with. He wants the law strapped, and he still wishes that Brexit will continue the way everyone voted. He believes you should not be told by anyone how to play the game.

Social Media for Holloway

The angry comments by the 56-year-old are circling social media and have led to him being labelled unreal as well as a moron. Comments on social media include comical; others are quite confused with how Holloway sees the rule situation. It is social media exposure he had in mind, but doubtfully he wanted the kind in which he is called the moron. Being a sports fanatic is one thing, making insane statements quite another. Several sports fans placed bets that could have won, but the rules are the rules. If sports bettors accepted that the outcome was not as they hoped or predicted, maybe Holloway should do the same, it’s a pity for Manchester United fans, surely the team would have wanted it to be a won. But the referee followed procedure and if affected the outcome of the game.