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Huawei Disputes Back Door Claims


One of the world’s most prominent telecommunication providers, Huawei, has been accused of creating backdoors. These backdoors enable them to access mobile networks in North America, the European Union and Asia. Wiretapping technologies were implemented to access these network, but Huawei is fighting back against these claims. They claim that the United States of America are making false accusations to decline their profits further. This announcement followed a day after new charges were filed against Huawei by the US Department of Justice.

Huawei has created mobile handsets for global audiences, with their products being praised for its photographic capabilities. That praise extended to numerous other factors, including the high-grade internals used and top-tier displays. Another significant aspect of Huawei is its telecommunications infrastructure, which expands the entirety of China. Law enforcement in America used court-approved interception techniques to monitor the communication actions of Huawei. Their investigation revealed that Huawei has been accessing additional telecommunication infrastructure and accessing data. It’s reported that Samsung and Apple’s infrastructures were located by Huawei, which could lead to substantial lawsuits in the coming months.

The Huawei Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Officer, John Suffolk, spoke to reporters about these claims. He claims that Huawei doesn’t have access to the required equipment needed to make lawful interceptions. John Suffolk believes that America is creating false accusations to advance its lawsuits against Huawei. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Huawei has direct connections with the Chinese Government. They’ve previously been tasked with security contracts from politicians, meaning it’d be easy for them to acquire the needed equipment. Considering that previous allegations from America have proven to be genuine, these accusations are most likely true as well.

Steep Declines for Huawei

It should be noted that their illegal interceptions weren’t active during 2019, which followed after Huawei became a target by American authorities. This means that representatives with the telecommunications provider can access 14+ month of professional and legal operations. This didn’t stop the United States Department of Justice from charging Huawei with racketeering. Regardless of what happens moving forward, this marks another illegal action from Huawei. Even after they were found collecting trade secrets for Chines from America. They also broker trade sanctions by completing business with North Korea and Iran. It’s expected that following the 2021 Fiscal Year, their global finances will be depleted, and Huawei will be forced back into a Chinese national company. Multiple countries are deleting contracts with the telecommunication provider following their illegal actions.