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How A £13.2 Million Progressive Jackpot Win Changed the Life of British Soldier, Jon Heywood


No one knows why Heywood decided on that day to open an online casino account, but you bet he is thankful every day that he did. It was only 25 minutes into his membership at one of the major online casinos that his whole life has been changed forever. Not many big winners allow their details to be published after massive multi-million wins, although Heywood agreed and everyone dreaming of winning became a Jon—Heywood-follower.

Jon Heywood Win Certified as Largest Jackpot Pay-Out by Guinness World Records

Heywood shared that his first thought was, what on earth is going on. He checked over and over again, but the screen remained the same, he did win £13.2 million. The head of the PR department at the casino called Mr Heywood to congratulate him. They were surprised that the winner did not sound as excited as expected.

Jon Heywood was already planning on how he could help his dad, remembered the pact with his friend that if any one of them won any money, they’d help each other out. No amounts are published, but the price he did a gift to his friend Michael is more than most would guess. In a YouTube video, Jon Heywood announced that he gave his friend £4 million.

A Wise Decision Paying Off within 25 MinutesJon Haywood wanted to play an online slot called Mega Moolah. While he registered his account and started playing the progressive slot, his attention was more on the documentary he found, which was about World War II tanks.

His attention got destructed by the big wheel spinning on his screen and him his first thought was that he hoped he won 10 grand. If that was his first wish, it was granted many times over as he won the progressive jackpot worth £13,213,838.68!

Do You Go to Work When You Just Became a Multi-Millionaire?

Jon Heywood never went to bed the night he won; his mind was filled with thoughts of should he go to work, he called his mother and tried to get to grips with the massive life-changing win.

He did go to work as usual and shared the news with his boss, who was even more excited as he was, but it could be due to lack of sleep. His very first idea was that he could help his dad diagnosed with stage two lung cancer.

Heywood believes you have to earn your money, work for it and he only pays himself what is needed, the rest of his millions are in the bank. He buys houses, renovates them and sells them. He is the one winner that remained the same and still likes his rum and gin, and the most important thing in his life is his family including his baby girl. Everyone that has ever met Jon or worked with him agrees on one thing, and that is that it could just not have happened to a more beautiful person!