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Just off the Venezuela coast is a tiny island called Curacao. It is here were unregulated gambling sites get to ignore all the rules regarding under-age gambling. The licenses granted by the Government of Curacao have no legitimacy in the United Kingdom. The UK does allow these operators to open bank accounts. The United States State Department believes Curacao is a significant player in money laundering and drug money. In Latin America, one of the methods used in online gambling. The question now asked by governing bodies is who issues these licences?

Money Laundering & Underage Gambling

The licensing system seems to be about everything but legality, its created to encourage corruption. When one of the leading politicians of Curacao threatened the government with the fact that he wanted to come clean about the gambling operations, he was assassinated. The Italian police jailed the prime minister after he laundered money from one of the major gambling operators. The same operator was also found to have significant connections with the mafia. It appears that the island became the leading player in facilitating organised crime, unregulated gambling and money laundering for the drug cartels.
It races the concern that underage gambling enables young children to play games connected with murder and organised crime. An illegal gambling site contacted a teenager, he is the son of Jolyon Jenkins. The site asked him to make a YouTube video to promote their website. They would rig it so he would win for sure.

YouTube Videos to Promote Underage Gambling

The loot box site offers prizes like smartphones and gaming consoles instead of virtual rewards in their video games. The loot site is an extension of gambling sites that have become a familiar place to players that are too young to gamble. The website is not licenced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and reaches many youngsters via their YouTube promotions and advertisements. The reason the 17-year-old son of Jenkins was contacted is that he is a very successful YouTuber.
The site wanted him to make a misleading video that would further promote the site. The video would show him winning, and they promised him that they would continue to top up his funds until he enjoyed success. The site’s instructions were that he should keep spinning until he won. Only 17 years old, the young Jenkins agreed to play along with what the place required. After all, they promised that he would gain some costly stuff and all he had to do was to spin.
The website was fully aware of the fact that he was under the legal gambling age, but they told him that it did not matter at all. The advice about the site by the UKGC was contradictory; it further raised the question regarding this site speeding up a new kind of underage gambling. The search to find out where the website was licensed led to Ireland, then Spain and ultimately to the Caribbean.