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Furry Erotica Adult Site Hacked


While most can hardly believe that such a site exists, thousands of others are now most upset that the adult video game website was hacked, this time it is quite a worry for adults who enjoy sexualised animals. Around half a million subscribers are majorly upset as the hackers got hold of their details.

Have I been Pwned is the hack monitoring website, that reported earlier that the data breach took place in August, the same company also revealed that the compromised information includes the order histories, names and email addresses of the subscribers, which resurfaced on a very popular forum, well a hacking forum only months later. It is currently the latest hack in a series aimed at adult websites.

Sensitive Information of High Tall Hall

Could it be called a sensitive breach? The website likes to describe its characters as sexy furry when it comes to the scantily clad lionesses and buxom zebras, the site referred to, High Tall Hall a role-playing game that is customisable. The website described the hack of members information and purchase histories as a “sensitive breach”, Troy Hunt, the founder of I Been Pwned, contacted the site immediately when he became aware of the hack. HTH Studios responded to his notification by acknowledging the breach and said they already fixed it. On the website, users are informed that a much more stable and advanced security system is in place since October 2018.

Pornography sites

Hackers not exclusively but quite often targets adult or pornographic sites, most of the subscribers do not want their details published, which gives the hackers the perfect opportunity to have a real impact. Web team security and internal security assured the members that their financial data was never compromised although everyone was advised to change their passwords.

This was the latest of several adult sites being affected by security breaches, in October 2018 more than eighth pornographic sites were hacked. One of the sites, part of the hacked website is Wife Lovers and in total over 1.2 email addresses were exposed. A year ago, in October 2017, it was made public that Pornhub was hacked and infiltrated with adverts, the malicious malware was infecting millions of subscriber’s systems with malware. Yet the biggest hack was still that of the famous adult-website, Ashly Madison, in this hack 25GB of data was taken, in 2015 the details of subscribers leaked, and a site enabled individuals to check whether their spouse was part of the site’s members or not. The Ashley Madison date site was created for married people who wanted to cheat on their spouses and with the hack, millions were left in fear.

The owners of the website offered $11.2 million in attempting to settle the actions by the users. Cyber-security experts say when adult sites are hacked it has a huge impact on relationships and lives. Apart from the risk of money leaving their accounts without their knowledge, for most the biggest worry should be the embarrassment of admitting their peccadillo was actually interactive online furry erotica, their motive to have an affair?