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Fears Rise as Total Lunar Eclipse Near – Blood Moon 2019


As it passes earth’s shadow, full moon in January takes on an ominous red shade. The blood moon will appear in the Western Hemisphere between the dates of the 20th of January and the 22nd of January. The event is hyped by Christian conspiracy theorists as an urgent warning sign that the biblical prophecy is about to become true.

Evangelic Preacher from Lafayette – Main Supporter of Blood Moon Prophecy

Paul Begley an Evangelical preacher from Lafayette in the US is one of the main supporters of the blood moon prophecy. As one of the leading supporters, the doomsday prophet claims that the arrival of the blood moon eclipse was predicted by the holy scripture. Pastor Begley issued a prophecy alert and shared that the much-anticipated event predicted by the holy script is about to take place. On the question, if the super blood moon is an apocalyptic sign of mankind’s doomsday, the pastor answered yes without hesitation and added that it is coming. He also shared that it a sign that appears in the heavens above America, as the country play a major part in the peace agreement with the Middle East.

Doomsday Theory Proved by Three Biblical Messages

The firebrand preacher shared that there is a total of three biblical messages/passages that proofs the theories surrounding doomsday. These start with the first passage describing the second coming of Christ as well as the end of the world, found in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. This is found in Revelations 6:12 up to 12 and when read includes the opening of the sixth seal while the verses also mention a great earthquake and that the sun will become black, while the moon will change to the colour of black.

Pastor Paul Begley Warns – Absolute Event Predicted in the Bible is About to Take Place

Pastor Begley also referred to other verses in the bible and shared that the Book of Joel as well as the book of Acts, talks about the cataclysmic events when the moon is turning to blood. Again, in Joel 2:31 the verse refers to the darkness that follows as the moon turns to blood, which takes place in advance to the day the Lord is coming. Act 2:20 also includes that the sun will turn dark and that the Lord will arrive on a glorious day when the moon turns red.

Begley says that the world is in its last days and that the super blood moon will soon appear, on the other side astronomers disagree and feels that the blood moon eclipse has nothing to do with the biblical prophecies. It is all a result of the refracted sunlight that is scattered through the atmosphere on earth, basically, when the moon does pass the planet’s shadow, bands of red-light shines upon it and brilliantly illuminate it. Still, the upcoming blood moon lunar eclipse has prompted fears, seen by thousands as a sign warning that the end of the world approaching, the eerie event takes place this January.