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FBI Launches Investigation Into Twitter Hack


The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed that they’d begun an inquiry into the 2020 Twitter Bitcoin Hack. Occurring on July 15th, Twitter saw a significant volume of high-profile accounts attacked by an unknown group of hackers. Corporations, Business Executives, and Politicians had their accounts taken over. What followed was an illegal scam requesting that followers click on a link that would double a user’s Bitcoin funds in one hour. Those familiar with Bitcoin know that the digital currency doesn’t operate in the standard trading format, immediately recognizing largescale accounts had been stolen. Twitter was informed of the attack before their servers could realize what’d happened, showing that these hackers maintained strong skillsets.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations noted that largescale attacks against Politicians & Corporations could reflect security risks. Sensitive accounts used by individuals like President Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden, can give hackers data suitable for the dark web. This includes the location data of both men & numerous others that were targeted. It’s this core reason that initiates security concerns.

It was suspicious that largescale leaders like Barack Obama & Joe Biden would be targeted, but not President Donald Trump. His account remained intact, which prompted digital investigators from foreign nations to review the attack. Most information was sealed behind encrypted servers, but it became known that Twitter’s 2020 Bitcoin hack originated from Russia. Some are questioning if Trump requested an attack onto Twitter from Russian hackers, which wouldn’t be surprising after the President formally asked Ukrainian Politicians to launch an investigation into Joe Biden. That action would have him impeached, refusing to leave office afterwards.

Reality or Fiction?

Discrediting Joe Biden & Barack Obama would work in favour for Donald Trump with the upcoming election. His poll numbers haven’t sustained White House anticipations, with Biden currently leading. The Federal Bureau of Investigations didn’t clarify if they’ll investigate claims of President Trump’s involvement. The FBI indicated that foreign interference with American servers is growing, proving a significant threat to national democracy. It should be mentioned that the FBI refused to assist multiple states in ensuring their voting machines couldn’t be hacked. This shows a lack of wanting to oppose the threat against the concern of backlash from President Trump.