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Father Angered by Microtransaction Applications


Nations like the United States, United Kingdom & Canada have legislation preventing microtransactions from causing significant harm to their civilians. These laws are often avoided by game developers, with these respective government not willing to enforce their laws. That’s because of the taxes earned through the sale of microtransactions. One British father learned that firsthand after receiving a Payment Bill from HSBC Bank. This bill required Steve Cummings to payout £4,642.00 to Roblox Studios.

Standing at seventy-two years of age, Steve Cummings was approached by his young granddaughter. She requested that an application named “Roblox” could be purchased & installed to her iPhone. Being a proper grandfather, Cummings didn’t disregard his granddaughter’s request & complied. When learning that £4,642.000 was charged to his HSBC Credit Card, shock overwhelmed Steve Cummings.

After learning the extent of what had happened through Roblox, Steve Cummings approached his granddaughter about the situation. She was informed of the financial consequences regarding purchasing virtual products through Roblox. Often playing Monopoly together in a large family, this young girl thought “Robo Dollars” were similar to money seen in the iconic board game. Her devastation towards what had happened was evident, with Steve Cummings remarking that his daughter is horrendous at lying & was being genuine with her reaction.

Questing Parliament

This prompted the United Kingdom father to question his government, asking how they allow children to experience mobile games that resemble online gambling. Most forget that mobile game publishers steal the gambling model, implementing it onto children in hopes that parents will be forced into purchasing virtual products from their digital marketplace. Steve Cummings demanded that parliament begin enforcing their legislation & refusing companies engaging with this business model to operate. Considering that the UK Government continuously attacks the online betting market, it’s questionable why their approach isn’t similar to mobile platforms like Android & iPhone.

Roblox is an “Online Multiplayer Game” that’s supported through multiple ecosystems, including Android & iPhone. Roughly 100+ million users have registered accounts with Roblox, including the granddaughter of Steve Cummings. Their most prominent collective of players are children below the age of ten, meaning an “In-App Purchases Business Model” is directly teaching youth in the United Kingdom how to disregard money as nothing.