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EuroMillions Winner Loves Cornish Pastries


Some call him the chubbiest high roller. However, others are increasingly concerned about Adrian Bayford, the Lotto tycoon who won £148million and became the wealthiest lottery winner in the United Kingdom. Adrian Bayford won the EuroMillions jackpot worth £148 million in 2012, he then purchased a mansion at £6.5 million and not long after closed his music shops. Many call Adrian excessive inhabits as he has 50 home-made Cornish pasties delivered to his home every week ever since he won.

50 Home-Made Pastries Delivered Weekly to Winner of £148 Million

Adrian and his wife Gillian were delighted with their astronomical win in 2012, although the EuroMillions winners split up only a few months after their extreme luck. Gillian bought herself a waterfront home near Dundee in Scotland for £735,000 and in 2018 when she put her fantastic home up for sale, so did Adrian Bayford. His magnificent Georgian mansion build on 189 acres became too much to maintain, and he wanted to downsize. The mansion features seven bedrooms, while the buildings on the estate also include a three-bedroom staff annexe, a farmhouse, paddocks for horses and four cottages.

After the divorce, Adrian Bayford remained in the mansion dating back to 1815 and added some personal touches such as statues of knights in shining armour. The couple stayed together in the house for 15 months before they split up. The mansion has two driveways, and Adrian added two huge Santa figures to welcome Christmas guests. The fully restored house offers a marble fireplace in each of its reception rooms, high ceilings and is described by friends as truly impressive.

Adrian Bayford Had His Fair Share of Failed Romances Since Divorce

Bayford has always been a huge music fan, and due to his love for rock music, he stared a second-hand music store over 20 years ago. Later he opened another store in Haverhill, and the Suffolk Music Centre was selling memorabilia and music. Adrian passed a newsagent on his way to work in August 2012 and decided to buy a lotto ticket. After winning the lottery, he closed his music stores as people kept coming to the shop to beg for money.

Following the divorce, he started investing in properties and even set up his empire for buy-to-let properties and called it St Just Housing. Once Gillian Bayford listed her waterfront home for £735,000 million, Adrian also listed his mansion.

Adrian’s list of romances includes Lisa Kemp, Benny’s waitress and Marta Jarosz, his former chauffeur. He got engaged to his stable girl, Samantha Burbidge. When the 30-year-old left him just before the wedding, he was heartbroken. Burbidge also took all the luxury horseboxes and horses he bought her, and since then the big winner is leading a lonesome lifestyle. The only thing that remained in place since the big win is the batches of pastries delivered to Adrian’s mansion.